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Pompen met Heater

Type of Product:Heated pumpManufacturer:ClimacubePower:Volts: 230
Hz: 50
KW: 1.0
Amps: 4.3Specifications:Material spec: Incoloy
Required flow rate: 30gpmCompatible With:Retrofit systemConnections & Fixings:Mounted to a base with 4 feet. 1.5 inch blue plastic female sockets to connect to plumbing. Live and neutral connect to the PCB via two spade connectors.Dimensions:Length: 863 mm
Width: 470 mm
Height: 732 mm
Distance between sockets: 220 mmAdditional Notes:Climacube performance is achieved through thermo-dynamic, worldwide-patented technology. It only requires a 13 amp supply, producing 7kW output from only 1kW input. Saving up to 60% of your energy consumption!