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Sundance Spa Heaters & Onderdelen

Type of product:Heater assemblyMake and Model:Thermcore, 2.7kW Low Flow 6500-315 Smart HeaterPower:Volts: 240
Hz: n/a
KW: 2.7
Amps: 10.5-11.5SpecificationSensor compatibility: Manufacture determined, sensors are fitted directly to PCB / control box.
Material spec: Plastic exterior
Required flow rate:
Flow detection: Reed flow switch in lineCompatible with:Sundance Spas, the heater is unique and you can't buy just the element.Connections / Fixings:This heater stands vertically against the control box.  3/4" barb fitting at both ends . The barb is connected to the hose with the aid of a metal clip.Dimensions:Heater height: 380mm (as pictured)
Heater Depth: 107mm (not including hose connection at top)
Between terminals: n/a
Overall length complete: n/aAdditional notes:Commonly found on Sundance Maxxus 2001 onwards amongst others.