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Gecko Printplaten


Gecko MSPA-MP PCB for System Euro

€ 799,95 € 744,95

Gecko MSPA-MP PCB for System Euro

€ 799,95 € 744,95

Type of product:PCB or Circuit BoardMake and Model:Gecko-MSPA-MP-NE-GE1- CE for MSPA-MP system EuroPower:Volts: 230v
Hz: 50HzSpecification:Pump 1: Dual speed or Circ pump (optional)
Pump 2: Dual speed
Pump 3: Single speed
Air Blower: Optional
Heater: Yes
Ozone: Yes
Light: 12 volt
Sensor style: High limit sensor strap
Pressure Switch: YesCompatible with: Dimensions:


Additional note:

This PCB controls MSPA-MP packs allowing 2 speed pump1, Flo-thru heater system aswell as laing heater circulation packs using single speed jet pumps.

Will control 1-3 jet pumps, air blower, circulation pump, ozone and a 12v light.

SUPPORTED KEYPADS:-TSC/K-8 eight button touch pad or a TSC/K-4 ten button touch pad compatible.

(3 pumps controlled by K-4 ten button touch pad only)